My name is S.M. Olson. I'm a secret agent... Maybe. I am a homeschool graduate currently aspiring to learn about other countries, get into a spectacular college history degree program, homeschool my younger siblings and others, publish a children's novel ( or two, or three, or more..), and travel the world. I'm excited about living life and writing about it too. I have way too many dreams to live them all, but I won't complain. I've already lived a thousand beautiful lives through the stories that I've read. My newest hobby is attempting to excite, inspire, and help children ( and everyone else ) to find their perfect book.
The most important thing about me is that I belong to the Lord Jesus Christ. He is my savior, love, and reason to smile.

I ROAM: Twitter, Instagram, TheHobMob, Pinterest, Personal Blog, and GoodReads.
Foods: Thai, Middle Eastern, Dim Sum, dolmas, black licorice, apples, dark chocolate. Oh yeah... everything else too.

Hobbies: Astronomy, cooking, walking, Italian, MOOC, writing short stories, creating homeschool classes, learning and teaching about the the countries of the world, global cuisines, reading, book list creation, aunthood, babysitting, flute, piano, guitar, solar weather, hiking, spelunking, high intensity interval training, stand up paddleboarding.
Peculiarities: Would rather own a Buffalo then a Panda bear. Admittedly, I talk to myself. Have a very deep urge to visit Nepal, Zimbabwe, Poland and almost every other country on this earth. Am known to wear up to five wristwatches at the same time. Read grammar references for entertainment. Will dance in grocery store aisles. Favorites: Buffalo, wristwatches, Sherlock Holmes, foreign accents, astronomy, breakfast, graveyards, libraries. Phobias: Windows. Rings. (obviously I'll never live in the crystal cathedral or get married) Pet peeves: Sick Noice. Complainers. Aviator sunglasses. Mayonnaise.
Dreams: Plant a pumpkin in Antarctica, ride a motercycle down the blue ridge parkway, own a St. Bernard named Dante, work as a nanny in a foreign country, teach in a junior high school or juvenile detention center, camp under the Aurora Borealis, cook like Amelia Bedelia, Picnic at Machu Pichu, the list never ends...

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