What then Shall We Read?

        My name is S.M. Olson and I am here to offer you a free personalized book list. I believe that there is a perfect book for everyone, and I am willing to work to help find it. As a high school student and self-proclaimed literature nut (specializing in children's classics), I have found book list creation to be an exciting/rewarding/stress-relieving task. So I would like to offer my limited expertise to help you create a personalized book list for you, your friends, or your children. Please complete the short survey below to help me configure your book reading dream list:

Name:                                             Age:                        Grade:

Gender:                              Reading Level/interest: (struggling/basic/average/advanced)

Favorite Books ( at least three ):

Favorite Movies ( at least three - or three more books/magazines):


Special Notes:

Until a better way is found - copy and past the following list into an email. Please send your completed form to thousandacrewood(at)gmail(dot)com

(the Disclaimer)This is a new service and I have by no means perfected the art of providing the perfect book list. Please feel free to offer advice, suggestions, and any kind of feedback on what worked, what didn't work, and how you think I can make this service better and more helpful for you. 

(the back story) During a very stressful high school junior year (2012-2013), I began creating book lists for friends as a procrastinating technique to escape from long hours of SAT and AP studying. It soon became one of my favorite stress relievers. This hobby has lead me to create a free personalized book service which you can find by heading over to the "What Then Shall I Read" section of this blog. 



Kenzie said...

Would you please add a gadget to join Thousand Acre Woods? This blog sounds like reader's paradise!

Olivia said...

Your blog looks really cool! Could you provide me with a link to your answers to the Literary Heroine Blog Party?:)

Susanna said...

Hey Arwen! This is actually my old blog. My new blog (and answers) can be found at http://youngladyexplorer.blogspot.com

Thanks for commenting!