Thursday, June 27, 2013


      My name is S.M. Olson and I am so excited to begin sharing some of the riches of children's literature with you. I have loved to read for as long as I can remember. Dedicated book worm that I am, I've developed quite a plethora of book lists that I hope to share with everyone via the Internet.
    From Twain to Tolstoy and most areas in between, I've found the vast world of literature to be a perfect refuge from the constant buzzing of 21st century life. Although I've dabbled in all sorts of "classic literature for adults" and have an undeniable love for Victor Hugo, Leo Tolstoy, Charles Dickens and many others - I am much more familiar ( and slightly more emotionally attached ) to quality books written particularly for children. Classics are my hobby, children's literature is my passion. 
   Around the time I entered high school, I developed a deep desire to write. It seemed only natural after ten plus years of reading, reading, and reading. I have been writing for quite a few years now - mostly short stories and poems featured in magazines like Kidspirit and TeenInk. Currently I am working on my first 'feature length' project. A children's novel about a young girl experiencing the horrors and heroism of black plague ridden England in 1348. 
   Writing a novel has been an interesting process. I have learned a ton and am continuing to embrace any help and advice I can find along the way. 
    This blog will be my writing outlet. I would like to share the stories and ramblings of a writer in training. I need advice, feedback, and and audience, as I plow my way deeper and deeper into the depths of children's literature. If your a fellow aspiring author or just interested in good children's books, I invite you to join me for this wild ride. 
     I would also like to use this new blog as a way of sharing all the jewels and gems of children's literature I discover as I read my way through the local library. Stay tuned to enjoy reviews, book lists, interviews/lessons with authors, excerpts from my novel in process, lessons learned the hard way, ponderings, ramblings, and a whole lot of fun. 

Enjoy - and let the book geeking begin!


Jen Robinson said...

Welcome! I'm glad to have found your blog. I especially enjoyed your "growing a detective" booklist. I look forward to reading your thoughts going forward.

Dr. Sus said...
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Dr. Sus said...

Thanks! I am so excited to be exploring the vibrant online children's literature community. I am glad you like my blog. Please feel free to give me suggestions for types of book lists you'd like to see in the future!