Wednesday, July 17, 2013

New Favorite Website and a Teenage Confession:

   I write like a teenager, it stinks. What can I say? I'm an adolescent: as insecure, lost, and clueless as the rest of the gang. I know teens tend to be overly dramatic in their writing. What else would you expect from little humans whose blissful optimism is being crushed for the first time whilst chemical imbalances and exorbitant hormones bounce off the walls of our confused bodies? Although I am aware of our writing tendencies and thus try desperately to avoid the obscure, dramatic, and whiny, I admit that I occasionally succumb:

(Why do I share? Because I am only slightly embarrassed of the overtly adolescent glaze to this piece.)

The Colors of Loneliness

     Nobody loves an indigo. It is easy to love a yellow or a purple- they skip down wedding aisles and fifth avenue like it was January. With all 40,567 hairs in place and a lips gloss plastered smile, they clutch desperately to the coveted appearance of control whilst utterly losing themselves to nothing in particular. Yes, the purples and the yellows go first.
         Greens and browns follow not long after, mistaking their matching uniquities for charm. Despite the meaninglessness of their organic headbands, they march off diligently in rows of two.        There is even a place for greys and blues. In silent contemplation of far deeper things they are gently pulled along. Blacks too are never left behind, although they must sometimes sprint to catch up with the rest of the band. Down they go, row after row. Purples, yellows, browns , greens. Grey, blue, black, and all in between.But no one ever loved and indigo. I am the indigo, I would know.

    Now... I want to introduce my new favorite website. A collaboration built for the world to tell our story. Not only is it a perfect community for sharing and storing your silly anecdotes and touching memoirs - they also provide monthly contests and many opportunities for getting your work read. Networking ya'll, networking. Check it out, share your story. 

Check it out... Stage of Life

and my profile: S.M. Olson


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Ruby Maxwell said...

Hey, it worked! I found your website through Stage of Life a few minutes ago and I wanted to take a look. I think that your writing is very deep and analytical, full of creative thinking and passion for the art of blogging. Keep up the great work, Susanna! Would you mind taking a look at my own site? It's much farther down the list - in the middle of the R section! - and I doubt it will be found as easily.
Once again, thank you for writing such a wonderful blog and reading my disorganized mess of a comment. Have a good one!

Ruby M.