Monday, August 12, 2013

Back to school ( and blogging )

    Yes! The time has come. The joy is past. The summer is coming to a close (with a crash and a bang). Unfortunately this hasn't been the three month of relaxation and blog beefing bliss I had hoped/wanted/expected. It has been mega-busy (with loverly events and projects of course). Excuse the neglect this blog has suffered through... This year I intend to continue posting reading lists and begin articles on writing thoughts, babbles, and other goodies.

   While we are on the topic of back to school, I thought I'd make a book list for all those nervous little tykes readying themselves for their first trip to the world of kindergarden. If your little one is nervous or scared or excited, it might be really fun to read a comforting and beautifully illustrated story about an adorable fictional character taking the same important step he/she is preparing for. Fortunately, already made a list so lovely I was sure I couldn't improve upon it. So instead of posting my own, I will link to theirs:'s gearing up for school book list.

Scholastic also has a great list of beginning chapter books for a back to school theme:

Scholastic's List.

   Oh - and this summer wasn't completely unprofitable from a writing perspective. I was able to finally finish and print the second draft of my first novel. It is now time for revisions, detailed edits, and the beginning stages of publication thoughts. I cannot tell you how many times I have fingered through the crisp word splattered pages. Updates on the details of my story are certain to grace this blog in the near future. For now let me tell you:

Title: The Day After Doomsday
Genre: Juvenile Historical Fiction
Target Age: 8-12

A more detailed introduction to my book baby shall come soon.
Okay I'll be real with myself, you guys are not as excited as I am... In fact you probably don't care a smidge. JUST WAIT!

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