Friday, February 7, 2014

I'm back for more...

   Okay you know one of my pet peeves? When people use the "I'm busy" excuse when they really mean "I've been too lazy" or "I stink at managing time." So (as tempted as I am) I am not about to start this post with a "yoohoo, I've been too busy for blogging. But now I am back. Doesn't that make you SOOo delightfully exuberant?"
    Nope. I'm going to start with an apology. Other parts of my life have taken precedence over this blog. I could have kept blogging, but 1. I couldn't decide if I wanted to maintain a blog like this and 2. I was a bit too lazy to work on something I wasn't so sure about, so I let it slide.
    Ayah. Now I wish I could tell ya'll about the details of my late soul searching trek through Mongolia where I went for weeks without a pillow in order to follow the footsteps of Marco Polo, clear his name once in for all, and (most importantly of course) find myself ( you know the deeply hidden soul version of me). Oh the adventures I could tell you. Unfortunately it simply isn't true. I haven't left this blog to climb Mount Everest or fufill my lifelong dream of planting a pumpkin in Antartica, or for any other terribly exciting reason. I've just been casually finishing highschool, planning the next steps of my life, and regurgitating every delightful minute through my pen and my journal. Okay, I admit, there has been a tad bit of soul searching...
      Now I am back. I have decided that blogging is one of those rather time consuming hobbies that is rewarding enough to maintain through college. One of the things I have discovered about myself? I am a writer. I've fully decided that. I'm not saying I am good at writing, that's not what this is about. All I know is that bad or good, amazing or embarrassing, I write to live and live to write. Writing is how I cope with excess joy and excess sorrow. It is how I sort out exciting plans for the future and unbearable problems from the past. When I write it puts a smile on my face and ( more importantly ) it sometime even puts smiles on other people's faces. That is why I do it every single day.
    There is really only one thing I could compare my love of writing to: my love of reading. I just love the idea of using writing to share my very favoritist reads with the world ( or the 5 people who read this blog- love you guys!).

   So here I am, ready to get back I gear. Here is some of the awesomeness you can be expecting:

Stories that Cannot be Forgotten - the most important stories children need to be told.
Class Notes - I am going to have the opportunity to sit in on my older sisters children's literature class about historical fiction. Hopefully i will retrieve some neat insights to share with ya'll.
Author Profiles - A new series about my very favoritist children's authors past, present, and... Okay not future, that would be weird. I'll do the research so you don't have too, make book lists, and  hopefully keep it really fun. Wouldn't it be cool if I could get some author interviews?

Gear up, good stuff is coming.

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